birchmeadow bar
birchmeadow bar
Birchmeadow at Broseley

Loads of lively events and awash with activity
Facilities to hire - free wi-fi & good parking


  • check out our rooms, for business or personal hiring (see 'hiring')
  • come to live theatre or cinema, as well as events and activities (see 'events')
  • see what top-quality music we have coming ('live music') and what's been

If you're interested in our work and would like to support Broseley's Birchmeadow, please don't hesitate to contact us ... new team members are always welcome.

A bit about "The Birch"

Broseley's Birchmeadow is a healthy and much alive, well used events and activity Centre. It's owned by the Town Council and is used for its Council and public meetings. The Council is as concerned as anyone, then, that it's well run for the benefit of the Community by its independent Management Committee of volunteers.


Committee members (Trustees of the Charity) work to make sure that the Birchmeadow remains an attractive venue for top quality live music, for dances, amateur dramatics, cinema, and various other activities that aim to meet the needs of the people of Broseley and its surroundings.


In recent years the Council and the Birchmeadow have secured grants to help refurbish parts of the building, and the Council has provided essential maintenance works. The Committee is keen to make the most of all our spaces to broaden the use of the Centre, and to include training, health and fitness activities, and children's functions (including those that can exploit the safe and easy access onto Broseley's outstanding Birchmeadow Park).


The Birchmeadow's rooms are available for both private and commercial hire - it's a wonderful place for parties, or for presentations and training events, and for music and theatre. Read about our some of our regular users and others via our links page. And - we have regular and changing displays of art & photography, reflecting local skills and talents.


Working with its user groups, it offers a range of presentation and entertainment facilities, with a large hall and several other rooms for different kinds of function.

Registered Charity 1085489

Thanks for grant-aid and general support in recent years must go to ...

Local Joint Committee : Grassroots : Millichope Foundation : Shropshire Council

Awards for All : Broseley Town Council itself


08.03.17 - 54669

20.01.17 - 49563

Birchmeadow Centre

Birch Meadow Road

Broseley   TF12 5LP

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Our calendar

Thinking about hiring a room ?


See all our bookings well ahead.
It's the place to start your search.


We send out regular short news-casts about forthcoming shows and events.

YouTube videos

'Home grown' videos of  visiting musical performers along with some local support acts.

Red Dirt Skinners:The Jar Family: Hickman Cassidy:Whalebone


Winter Wilson

Fairport Convention: Matt Andersen : Brooks Williams: O'Hooley & Tidow
Niall Teague & the Fast Company
Bill Caddick : While & Matthews
Peter Case : Claude Bourbon: Annabelle Chvostek
Red Shoes : Flaxenby : Coal
Rhianna Moore : Rebecca Nash
Dan Sutton : Jack Tench

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