Les Miserables<br>evening film - £5
August - Les Miserables
evening film - £5
Shirley Valentine
September - Shirley Valentine
Untouchable (in French)<br>evening film - £5
September - Untouchable (in French)
evening film - £5
Brooks Williams LIVE
September - Brooks Williams LIVE
Red Shoes LIVE
October - Red Shoes LIVE
The Supremes - and others
October - The Supremes - and others
While & Matthews - LIVE
November - While & Matthews - LIVE
Joan Littlewood's<br>Oh What a Lovely War
November - Joan Littlewood's
Oh What a Lovely War
Claude Bourbon
January - Claude Bourbon
Blackheart - LIVE
February - Blackheart - LIVE
O'Hooley and Tidow
March - O'Hooley and Tidow
Winter Wilson LIVE
April - Winter Wilson LIVE
James Hickman and Dan Cassidy
May - James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

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29th August Friday

Les Miserables
evening film - £5

Put on by - Broseley's Cinema
Information contact Mark ... 0789 141 2450 ... Email us
Les Miserables<br>evening film - £5

Guardian's 4-star review

Les Misérables tells the story of Valjean, a proud and decent man imprisoned for stealing bread to save his sister's family from starving. Once released, he is viciously pursued by police officer Javert for breaking the terms of his parole, but makes a Hardyesque career leap into respectability, becoming a mayor and factory owner.

His path crosses that of his poor employee Fantine whose grownup daughter Cosette is to fall fatefully in love with revolutionary firebrand Marius - just at the time when Paris erupts in violence, and when Valjean must make his final reckoning with Javert.

The film conquers its audience with weapons all its own: not passion so much as passionate sincerity, not power so much as overwhelming force. Every line, every note, every scene is belted out with diaphragm-quivering conviction and unbroken, unremitting intensity.

The physical strength of this movie is impressive: an awe-inspiring and colossal effort, just like Valjean's as he lifts the flagpole at the beginning of the film. You can almost see the movie's muscles flexing and the veins standing out like whipcords on its forehead."

"At the end, you really have experienced something."

Just the right kind of film
for the Birchmeadow's ace acoustics.

The Management respectfully requests,
no loud crying, please.

£5 only - tickets at the door.
Doors open 7:15
film starts at 7:45

16th September Tuesday afternoon

Shirley Valentine

Put on by - Broseley Cinema
Information contact Mark ... 0789 141 2450 ... Email us
Shirley Valentine

Who’s in it

Pauline Collins, Joanna Lumley, Tom Conti, Sylvia Sims. Directed by Lewis Gilbert, and written by Willy Russell.

What’s it about

Shirley Valentine (Pauline Collins) is a middle-aged, bored Liverpool housewife. She finds herself talking to the wall while she prepares her husband's chip'n'egg, wondering what happened to her life.

She compares scenes in her current life with what she used to be like, and feels she's become stagnated and stuck in deep a rut. But when her best friend wins an all-expenses-paid holiday to Greece for two and invites her along, she jumps at the chance to do something different.

Shirley begins to see the world, and herself, in a different light. And would you believe, whilst on holiday she meets a local man (Tom Conti), and that proves very interesting.

Refreshment break half way through.

Free admission
Small charge for refreshments
Film starts 2:30
Run time 108 minutes

26th September Friday

Untouchable (in French)
evening film - £5

Put on by - Broseley's Cinema
Information contact Mark ... 0789 141 2450 ...
Untouchable (in French)<br>evening film - £5

Good-fun French film

Philippe is a rich accident-damaged quadriplegic who owns a luxurious Parisian mansion. He and his assistant Magalie are interviewing candidates to be his live-in carer.

Driss is a candidate who actually has no ambition to get hired. He's there just to get a signature to show that he was interviewed and rejected, so that he can continue to receive his welfare benefits.

He is extremely casual and shamelessly flirts with Magalie. He is told to come back the next morning to get his signed letter. Driss goes back to the tiny flat that he shares with his extended family in a bleak Parisian suburb. His aunt, exasperated from not hearing from him for six months, orders him to leave the flat - whoops: is he going to have to get a job after all?

When it's discussed, Philippe offers him a trial period of one month to gain experience in helping him: then Driss can decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe - and his employees.

The Guardian gives it **** and says - "for once, the hype is justified. This is a charming, uplifting French drama – an irreverent, humorous take on disability, closely drawn from real-life."

Venez, avec vos amis !!

But we should warn you ...
it only got 57 award nominations.

£5 only - tickets at the door.
Doors open 7:15
film starts at 7:45

15th November Thursday to Saturday

Joan Littlewood's
Oh What a Lovely War

Put on by - BroADS
Information contact Mike Kaiser ... 01952-882684 ... mbkbroseley@yahoo.co.uk
Joan Littlewood's<br>Oh What a Lovely War

Don't miss this one !!

It will not have escaped the world's attention that there is a very special anniversary be marked this year, which is the centenary of the start of the First World War. Amongst all the contributions that remind us of the tragedy, it’s hard to imagine a piece that’s more poignant and hard-hitting than Joan Littlewood's "Oh What A Lovely War", first produced in 1963.

A satirical musical, it highlights the ironies and tragedies of this immense episode in history, tracing the course of the Great War through a constantly changing series of scenes and songs.

The actors, who are dressed as pierrots, play generals, soldiers, and civilians from pretty much every nationality involved in the conflict. They change character by simply changing hats, or by sticking on a false moustache. To further enhance the vaudeville-like feeling of the show, the performers are directed by an unnamed ringmaster.

The first act is funny, somewhat sentimental, and surprisingly light-hearted. Just before the interval however, it becomes clear that the jokes and the cheery songs were all part of an elaborate set up to lull you into a false sense of security. It makes the second act hit all the harder, as its content ranges from the French soldiers bleating like sheep as they walk into the machine-gun fire, to the industrialists of the nations allied against Germany bleating about ‘peace scares’, and helping us all to believe in the ‘economic necessity of war’.

Setting the tone

When drawing people together for the audition, Mike ended his briefing note by saying "I can promise you it will be a moving and yet entertaining piece of total theatre."

The whole team is determined to make this another in the series of spot-on productions from BroADS - another skilled, slick, team effort.

£8 (£6 concessions)
From Mike, or Downes' High Street shop (NOT YET THOUGH)
Doors open 7:00
start at 7:30