Tea Dance - weekly - starts today
March - Tea Dance - weekly - starts today
Birchmeadow Exhibition - opening evening
March - Birchmeadow Exhibition - opening evening
Soul & Motown Disco
March - Soul & Motown Disco
O'Hooley and Tidow
March - O'Hooley and Tidow
Into the Wild -  FREE admission
March - Into the Wild - FREE admission
Someone who*ll watch over me.
March - Someone who*ll watch over me.
Winter Wilson LIVE
April - Winter Wilson LIVE
Dave Sheriff - Country Music
April - Dave Sheriff - Country Music
Sue Richardson - 'Too Cool'
April - Sue Richardson - 'Too Cool'
Taste of Italy - food & film
May - Taste of Italy - food & film
The War of the Worlds
May - The War of the Worlds
James Hickman and Dan Cassidy
May - James Hickman and Dan Cassidy
Dennis Ellsworth
May - Dennis Ellsworth
Otis Gibbs
July - Otis Gibbs
Blackheart - LIVE
September - Blackheart - LIVE
Chapin Wickwar LIVE
October - Chapin Wickwar LIVE

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04th March Wednesdays

Tea Dance - weekly - starts today

Put on by - Hotsy Totsy
Information contact Naomi ... 01588 674823 ... npayne14@yahoo.co.uk (that is Naomi)
Tea Dance - weekly - starts today
Allister and Naomi, of Hotsy Totsy fame, are hosting Afternoon Dance sessions, starting on the 4th March. This will include tea and biscuits.

They will be playing recorded music for Sequence, Ballroom and Latin dancing, and are hoping to make it a regular monthly event - depending on interest.

Everybody's welcome.

Visit Hotsy Totsy's website here

Not got a partner?

Why not contact Naomi to see whether anybody else has asked her if there are "spare bodies" about?

Including refreshments, just £4
Be ready to step out at 2:00, through to 4:30

05th March Thursday

Birchmeadow Exhibition - opening evening

Put on by - Broseley Arts Group
Information contact Caris Jackson ... 01952 883802. Mob - 07515 723728 ... caris.jackson@yahoo.co.uk
Birchmeadow Exhibition - opening evening

Artistry on the Birchmeadow walls

For some time the Birchmeadow walls have been graced by exhibitions of art and photography, and "looking back" displays.

This exhibition showcases the rich and diverse art work created by the long established weekly art classes based in Broseley. The group formed approximately 20 years ago, initially founded by reputable Artist Betsy Smith and some of the original, as well as long standing group members are still in regular attendance. Since 2010, the classes have been taught by Broseley based Artist and Tutor Caris Jackson and this exhibition features recent work by a number of group members.

The sessions focus upon developing observational and technical skills through structured activities, however experimenting and investigating new media and techniques is greatly encouraged. Group members are supported in developing their own unique style which sometimes involves taking risks and recognising the process is as important as the final outcome.

There are three different art classes per week and new members of an experience and ability can join at any time. For more please contact Caris.

Own some art of your own

Many of the works in this exhibition are for sale - again, please contact Caris for information.

No admission charge
Come along between 6:15 and 7:45

17th March Tuesday afternoon

Into the Wild - FREE admission

Put on by - Broseley Cinema
Information contact Mark ... 07891412450 (Mark) ... markwalmsley48@googlemail.com
Into the Wild -  FREE admission

It scores 8.2
Possibly makes it worth seeing,
even at THIS price

Who’s in it?

Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt (Directed by Sean Penn)

What’s it about?

This is a drama based on the true story of Christopher McCanless, a young man who leaves his middle class existence to live in the Alaskan wilderness.

Giving up his home, family and all possessions except the few he carries on his back, McCandless embarks on a journey through America. His ultimate goal is to reach the wilds of Alaska to spend time with untamed nature, away from the obligations and relationships of the modern world.

In the months leading up to his ‘Great Alaskan Adventure’ his travels take him on a journey of self discovery where he learns to appreciate the world around him and reflect on his troubled upbringing. When he reaches Alaska he is ill prepared for the hardships to come.

Won 26 awards !!

Free admission
small charge for refreshments
Starts at 2:30. Run time: 2hrs 20mins

28th March Weds 26th to Sat 28th

Someone who*ll watch over me.

Put on by - BroADS
Information contact Bill Mills ... 01952-881011 ... wmills12@btinternet.com
Someone who*ll watch over me.

Amateur dramatics with real drama.

Broseley*s highly regarded drama group are going to grip us with yet another outstanding play, directed by Bill Mills – you can expect yet another outstanding performance. It*ll be played in the round, with an intermingling of stage and screen.

Ella Fitzgerald*s is a beautiful rendition of "Someone to watch over Me": a soulful song about love. Frank McGuinness knew it well, and he used it to name his spellbinding play, which is definitely not a love story.

The scene is a cell in the Lebanon, where the Hezbollah are holding three hostages. The trio of men live for months: no, for years, in perpetual fear, trapped in their breeze-block cell.

"Someone Who*ll Watch Over Me" digs deep into the discomforts and complexities of their emotions. McGuinness shows us the intimate relationships and bonds which form in this clever "stuck in a lift" scenario. Trying to alleviate the intense, killing boredom, the inmates share their failings, their ambitions and their paranoia. All of this blends together to create the rich and complex characters. The growing tension is relieved intermittently with banter between the hostages, who are an Englishman, an Irishman and an American. McGuinness cleverly takes advantage of the comic potential between these closely linked yet sometimes conflicting nations, even though he*s caught them up in the most horrendous of situations.

Human resilience in the struggle to survive.
Humour - even in the face of adversity.

£8 from Downes High Street shop
Doors open 7:00 pm for 7:30

02nd May Saturday

Taste of Italy - food & film

Put on by - Birchmeadow
Information contact Maggie ... 01952-881037 ... Email us
Taste of Italy - food & film

Fab film and fab food.

The Birchmeadow at Broseley is hosting another evening of treats - this time, it will be Italian tastes.

Our previous evenings - one Indian, the other French - were enormously well enjoyed. The evenings were highly sociable, with 80 people enjoying themselves from start to finish - they were all-round good value.

For the first (Monsoon Wedding was the film), our food came from Zengh, whilst for le soir Francais (La Vie en Rose), it came from the kitchen at the Birchmeadow : all cooked by the theme team.

Questa volta, la squadra de la cucina di nuovo insieme.

The delightful film is
Cinema Paradiso

Yes! Paradise at
the Birchmeadow
(which was once a Baptist Chapel)

Buy now - collect at door
Includes small PayPal charge.
Doors open 6:45
Meal at 7:15
Film at 8:15

08th May Friday

The War of the Worlds

Put on by - Bridgnorth Players
Information contact Liz Herdson ... 01746 764514 (Dorothy) ... deleiper@hotmail.com
The War of the Worlds

don*t panic - don*t panic !!!

Bridgnorth Players return to the Birchmeadow with a visual dramatisation of the 1938 Orson Welles radio play based on H. G. Wells* 1898 novel.

The orginal broadcast had millions of Americans rushing pell-mell into a state of panic - they thought that a real Martian invasion was taking place, so accomplished and believable was the production.

This version, adapted and directed by Liz Herdson, will reproduce most of the sound effects manually, with some help from the audience, so it will be a lot of fun - but be prepared to scream as well!

£8 (£6:50 concessions)
from Dorothy - phone & email above
Doors open 7:00 pm for 7:30