comedy birchmeadow stage play
comedy birchmeadow stage play
Birchmeadow at Broseley

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Reach out School of Arts Drama Classes Wednesdays from March 7th between 4pm-8pm depending on class attended


ReachOut School of Arts offer fun, engaging sessions suitable for aged 4-adult incorporating all drama, improv, singing and Musical Theatre as well as various forms of dance - The aim is to 'build confidence creatively' whilst learning skills and techniques for performance. 


ReachOut Juniors: ages 4-6

ReachOut Seniors: ages 7+

ReachOut Street Dance: ages 7+

ReachOut 'Take Flight'
Contemporary Dance: ages 10+
Adult Theatre 'Cabaret!': Ages 14 +


Cost -£5 and £5.50 depending on class.  

contact: Gem Bridges & Saskia Fuchs 07522412440​

email: for further information!

May 1st at 2p.m.
a double-bill

of British films


Come along for a special - two British classics. One from way back in 1949, with special interest for whisky drinkers, and the other from 1962 ~ a bit more kitchen-sinky, and set in a Northern town - further North than Broseley, even.

Which two could they be? March along to our Cinema page and find out.


Even though there's a double whammy, you can come in for free.
But bring your credit card, as tea or coffee and biscuits will set you back 50p !!!


Friendly Bus transport - 881145

May 15th in the afternoon
not 17th as it said earlier !!!


Get along for a giggle.


Another British film, but from almost yesterday - 2017.


Something of a satirical look at our home grown film and propaganda industries in the last World War

Yes - it's there on the website's Cinema page.
Does contain some swearing I'm told.


No charge for admission - but tea or coffee and biscuits will cost you a bomb (50p) !!!


Friendly Bus transport - 881145

Dance for Fitness sessions, supported by Shropshire Council’s Everybody Active Initiative Tuesdays 7.00-8.30pm 

We have brought together  an enthusiastic group of would-be dancers who meet weekly for sessions that are fun and do wonders for fitness, serotonin levels and the brain. New members are guaranteed a warm welcome.


Cost - £3 for a whole session,

£2 if you only want to stay for half.

Gill Kelly on 07974795877 for further information

Birchmeadow Centre

Birch Meadow Road

Broseley   TF12 5LP

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See all our bookings well ahead.
It's the place to start your search.


We send out regular short news-casts about forthcoming shows and events.


'Home grown' videos of  visiting musical performers along with some local support acts.

Red Dirt Skinners:The Jar Family: Hickman Cassidy:Whalebone


Winter Wilson

Fairport Convention: Matt Andersen : Brooks Williams: O'Hooley & Tidow
Niall Teague & the Fast Company
Bill Caddick : While & Matthews
Peter Case : Claude Bourbon: Annabelle Chvostek
Red Shoes : Flaxenby : Coal
Rhianna Moore : Rebecca Nash
Dan Sutton : Jack Tench

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