someone who'll watch over me
someone who'll watch over me
Birchmeadow at Broseley

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Yoga - camera club - traditional music sessions
fitness pole dancing - square dancing
and other 'regulars' here

Tuesday evenings at 6:30 from
27th June to 1st August

Dance yourself Dizzy! 

What an opportunity to get up and get going !


... and it's free !!!

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Info at - 0797 479 5877


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July 1st - Regional Voice Theatre

Life & Times of the
Tat Man


Back by popular demand! 'The life and times of the Tat Man' returns to the Birchmeadow Centre. This powerful one man show starring Tony Barrett tells the story of a rag and bone, "Tat" Man, in Black country dialect. Incorporating live music, songs and dynamic performance. From his home in the scrapyard the Tat Man tells his stories to anyone who will come and listen to them, rag-and-tat tales gathered during his years on the road. He takes them from his sack and they spring to life, stories of travelling folk and bloody births, of blacksmiths and devils and talking horses. But from the world of folk-tale and myth he takes us on a journey to the harsh and brutal realities of the First World War, where dreams are shattered, and the Tat Man must gather up the pieces of his shattered life, and try to make from them something whole again.



Tickets from Downes Greengrocers also available on the door - £8
Further Information from Rachel - 0696 654 9155


July 12th- 15th Bridgnorth Musical Theatre Company


Acorn Antiques The Musical

Victoria Wood's hilarious musical Acorn Antiques is an all singing, all dancing, extravaganza about a struggling antiques shop in a mythical town called Manchesterford. It follows the story of sisters - Miss Babs and Miss Berta, who are finding it hard to keep their antiques shop solvent, after the shop rents are raised and as shop after shop on the high street closes and sells out to a franchise. They are aided in their campaign to hold on to the shop by their friends including Mr. Clifford who once engaged to Miss. Berta who does not remember this fact due to a blow on the head, and their cleaner Mrs. Overall. They discover a third sister, Bonnie who is initially scheming and devious, for instance she is planning to sell the shop to 'The Guilty Bean', the worlds second largest chain of coffee shops. She later fires Mrs. Overall even after finding out she's her mother. The plot unfolds; the sisters are faced with financial woes, and family secrets! Hilarious and not to be missed! 


Some adult themes so not recommended for under 14 year olds.



Tickets cost £12

from Downes Greengrocers Broseley  Mike & Sarah Butchers, Bridgnorth

and online from  


Further Information from Alison 07791 560747


July 18th - free admission afternoon film

This delightful film has a feline as one of its main characters - whose name is bob spelled backwards.


As usual it's free admission - but you have to pay a small fortune for a cup of tea and a biscuit - 50 pence !!!

Go to Cinema page for details

August 15th - free admission film

Why, I do not know, but the alien craft in this film didn't visit Broseley. Have you visited VisitBroseley ??


Free admission -  cup of tea and a biscuit - 50 pence !!!

Go to Cinema page for details

September 19th - free admission film

What is that in the water?
Is it a bird : is it a whale : is it a plane?

Come along and find out.

Free admission -  cup of tea and a biscuit - 50 pence !!!

Go to Cinema page for details

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Red Dirt Skinners:The Jar Family: Hickman Cassidy:Whalebone


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