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On this page we show you some of the live music acts that we have previously hosted at the Birchmeadow 

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We had to have Otis Gibbs back as soon as he was able so in November we did just that.

As usual Otis gave a brilliant performance to fans old and new.

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 Post covid our first gig was the fabulous Tannahill weavers! 

What an act! Traditional celtic music at its best from a world renowned band. A  great restart to our live music gigs

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 Richard Digance came back in March 2020 and May 2022 for a fun filled night of music and humour.

We were so lucky to have Richard back in Broseley, doing what he loves best, telling highly amusing and irreverant stories, playing the guitar and singing songs. He told us Broseley is one of his favourite places to perform!

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February 2020 saw Brooks Williams
back onstage.

Playing his guitar superbly and singing his songs with his usual immense polish and feeling. Wonderful performer ... and he seems to like the Birchmeadow as much as we like him.


The Band from County Hell


What a night at the Birch! There was no stopping this band. High energy Celtic tunes that had the audience up and dancing! They will be back and next time dont miss them!

Sadly, Bill Caddick
died in late 2018

We at the Birchmeadow are proud and grateful that we were able to see and hear him, listen to him, and laugh with him.

waiting for the lark oller boller bill caddick Video from Saturday

2016 - January
Bill Caddick

What a night we had at the Birchmeadow with the fabulous Bill Caddick!
Caroline had put out tables and chairs for all the advance sales and a load of extra chairs for those who paid on the door. The doors opened and people flooded in and they just kept on coming. We had to get out the chairs that we don't usually use and then we had to open the doors onto the bar so that we could accommodate more people. We put a Sold Out notice on the door - and still peoplecame.


It was a wonderful testament to the affection and respect that people hold for Bill. For some it was a bit sad as Bill has decided to stop touring - so this was a very special night in so many ways. Sam Cooper started the night off with a great set - so many people came to me and said how he just gets better and better every time that he performs at the Birch - and I definitely agree. Then Bill came on and gave us a real treat of beautiful music and wonderful stories. It was an occasion that will stay long in my memory as one of the very best nights. Thank you Bill - and thanks to Sam too - and to everyone who helped (Rebekah on lights, Diana Jane Davies on the door, Roy and Paul behind the bar, Peter Tyler for doing the posters, Natasha and Jane for the help with publicity and also for chair location and Downes and Hurdleys for selling tickets for us). And thank you all for turning out for a great night of brilliant music and for supporting live, original music in Broseley.

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2018 - November 

Richard Digance


Richard enjoyed himself so much last year that he asked to come back. Once again he played to a packed house who certainly weren't dissappointed with Richards song jokes and accomplished guitar playing.Support was from  Eric Sedge.

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2018 - October 

Kit Holmes


A return visit for Kit and once again she wowed an appreciative audience with her passionate vocals and masterful guitar playing. 

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Folk with a splash of blues, singing out for the underdog, beautiful songs, beautifully sung and a weird humour all of their own.Fresh from supporting Fairport Convention on their Winter tour where they had rave reviews, The husband and wife duo Kip Winter and Dave Wilson brought their superbly crafted musicianship and heartfelt songs to an appreciative audience at  "The Birch".

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2018 - March

My darling Clementine 

Husband and wife singer-songwriting duo Michael Weston King and Lou Dagleish brought their take on Americana to the Birchmeadow centre. 

a powerful piece from No Heaven

2018 - Feb


 A singer-songwriting duo, whose debut album “if…” was released in 2015 receiving fabulous reviews and much radio play as well as being runner up for the   'Best Album from a Duo' category in the FolkWords Album Awards.


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2018 - Jan

Claude Bourbon

 We had Claude back for the third time. He really is an amazing guitarist.

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2017 -Dec

jar family

 Once again these six individual songwriters and musicians from Hartlepool who decided to pool their talent and create their ‘industrial folk’ sound didnt disappoint the crowd at the Birch! Thanks Lads see you again soon!

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2017 -Oct


Another evening of delightful crossover classical music from Shropshire's classy quintet. Congratulations on the oh so effective lighting and visuals, too.


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2017 -Oct

O'Hooley and Tidow

 They've visited us twice before on their way up and now as they reach a pinnacle, they were back again!  and they certainly didn't dissapoint the audience.With a varied repetoire from past and present albums. Their powerful, moving performance broke everyones hearts.


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2017 - Sept

Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection


WILD WILLY BARRETT'S FRENCH CONNECTION, dropped in again and had us laughing our heads off!! Barrett, a multi instrumentalist perhaps best known for his work with John Otway, has created a band with a unique sound. The audience experienced a truly original performance full of  humour and great musicianship  fiddle, banjo cello acoustic guitar and uilleann pipes interspersed with haunting vocals. A great night out!

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2017 - July  

The Jar Family

 We were so excited to welcome this fantastic band back to "The Birch " again for their third appearance and they didn't let us down. Fun dance and great musicianship had the audience enthralled from the first number. We have them back in December... 

Do not miss this opportunity to see one of the best live bands in the country! 


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2017 - June  

Otis Gibbs

You demanded more and we gave you more. Once again the wandering troubadour  Mr Otis Gibbs took to the Birchmeadow stage to entertain us with his stories of American life. His style of social story telling has been compared to Woody Guthrie and he was described by Rolling Stone magazine as " a man you should give a damn about!"  The audience were not disappointed and certainly "gave a damn"


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2017 - June  

Richard Digance

There are very few artists acclaimed by two completely different genres as one of their best. But for Richard Digance, his touring life balances both his skill as a folk musician with his wit as a comedian and we were treated to a great night of both with songs and tales of his life from the last 50 years. Richard is a history buff and was only to keen to come to Broseley  despite the small venue so he could indulge his passion for the industrial revolution. He brought with him his own support in the shape of The Broadside Boys who entertained us with original songs from Suffolk.

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2017 - April  Sam Lewis 

With his compelling songs, stirring melodies, and  soulful voice, Sam Lewis had the Birchmeadow audience in the palm of his hand. At times sounding like a young James Taylor it was easy to see why this young man is  playing to sold out venues across the USA . 


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2017 March Keith james sings Leonard Cohen

Keith James put together a concert of Cohen’s amazing material in an intimate and sensitive way that enthused the Cohen fans who attended "The Birch" 

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2017 - February Red Dirt Skinners

Well what a night! The Red Dirt Skinners are the only outfit in the UK to have picked up National Awards in both blues and country music categories. And its easy to see why! As they explained they play what is called Red Dirt Music, a genre that gets its name from the colour of soil found in Oklahoma and is sometimes described as a mix of folk, rock, country, bluegrass and blues. And the audience was treated to all of these. Sarah's soaring soprano saxophone really added to their unique sound. 

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2017 - January


Once again the trio Whalebone, brought a packed house down with their high energy acoustic music. The self penned tracks from  their new album Mirabilia were as enthusiasticaly received as their well loved covers. And if you've never heard Steve's guitar do an impression of a duck on their recording studio roof ... you've missed a treat!!

jar family live at broseley's birchmeadow click for video

2016 - December

The Jar Family

Another visit to the Birch from this fantastic band and wow what a night it was!!!. The tickets went like hot cakes  and the gig was sold out months in advance! The Jar family brought the house down again and  had the crowd dancing in the aisles!  We're sure they will be back again so if you didn't see them this time don't make the same mistake again!

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2016 - Octobe 

Otis Gibbs


Wow what a night!! The "storyteller’s storyteller"  didn't disappoint the packed house with his stories of American life. He's been compared to Woody Guthrie and its easy to see why. He'll be back in June 2017 make sure you don't miss him this time!

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2016 - July

Wild Will Barrett's French Connection


WILD WILLY BARRETT'S FRENCH CONNECTION, dropped in Broseleys's Birchmeadow Centre. Barrett, a multi instrumentalist perhaps best known for his work with John Otway, has created a band with a unique sound. The audience experienced " a truly original performance full of fun ,dry humour and the unexpected with full on fiddle, banjo and Irish pipes interspersed with haunting vocals,cello and guitar. All overlaid with that French Je ne sais quoi and a touch of Edith Piaf!" 

jar family live at broseley's birchmeadow click for video

2016 - June

The Jar Family

Another first for the Birch and what a first it was!!!. The Jar family brought the house down with their their unique sound,that carried hints of Dylan Springsteen and even at times The Beatles.They literally had the crowd dancing in the aisles! They will be coming back to Broseley Birchmeadow soon so if you missed them this time don't make the mistake of missing them again! Watch this space for details of their return.

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2016 - May

Hickman Cassidy

James Hickman's emotive, soaring vocals and driving guitar complemented Cassidy's virtuoso fiddling perfectly as we were taken on a journey from 1800's  celtic folk,via the Jazz of the 1930's to self penned modern day acoustic folk. All in all a great nights entertainment!

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2106 - April

The Neon Collective

The Neon Collective is a group of singer-songwriters from the West Midlands. We were treated to 10 different artists each performing three songs. . There was great variety and something for everyone. All of life was there to be heard from songs about failed relationships to songs about the canal towpath of old and fat cat city bankers. A great evenings entertainment!

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2016 - February

Kit Holmes

Once again Kit wowed us with her  sultry vocals and virtuoso guitar playing. An enthralling and energetic live performance of blues-driven roots with a soul sensibility.


Take a look at her website here

the 2014 five!

2015 - December



It was back by popular demand! Caroline opened the floor once again to 5 young local musicians.



Sam Cooper acoustic guitarist from down the road in Jackfield

Tris Walrond guitarist from Bridgnorth

Guitar Cubed Louis Briggs and Tom Barras two young Bridgnorth lads 

Rhi Moore a Broseley lass acoustic guitarist.

Jack Tench again a Broseleyite! guitar player!


A great night was had by all! It really is good to see the young talent we have on our doorstep.


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2015 - October

Chapin Wickwar

What a fantastic find by Caroline! A duo very much on the brink of something big!

Exquisite harmonies and highly personal lyrics combined to create a highly entertaining from this Cumbrian based pair.Their naked honesty hit the audience full on and they loved it. Here's to their next visit! 

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2015 - September



 Blackheart a heady mixture of Cocteau Twins Kate Bush and Everything but the Girl! Almost impossible to categorise!! The audience were taken on an unforgetable journey by the duo. Instruments ranged from mandolins to omnichords and synthesisers and at one point a guitar played with a bow! 

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2015 - July

Otis Gibbs

July, and the Birchmeadow played host to the marvelous Otis Gibbs. Once again the audience was not dissapointed. Otis has a delightful amusing way of presenting himself and his music and the audience obviously enjoyed this.He will be back next year don't miss him!


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2015 - May

Dennis Ellsworth

Once again the Birchmeadow played host to an International music name. Dennis Ellsworth, a singer songwriter from Prince Edward Island Canada  regaled the audience with songs about love, hope, loss and heartbreak. A prolific, much sought-after songwriter who's got into the rhythm of writing, recording and releasing an album a year he had a diverse back catalogue to draw on. A thoroughly entertaining evening filled with good music, great guitar playing and interesting chat.


hickman and cassidy youtube click for video

2015 - May

Hickman and Cassidy

James Hickman's driving rhythmic guitar complements Cassidy's fantastic fiddling superbly. Their sound is more, much more than just a connection between British and American folk & roots - their repertoire this evening also included powerful swing and jazz pieces alike to those you'd have expected to hear from Django and Stephane.


The pair presented as a really special duo, and all was helped along enormously by the uniqueness of Cassidy's bone-dry, very slowly paced irony - much good humour as well as much good music.

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2015 - April
Sue Richardson band

Sue and her band brought the Birchmeadow a delightful, specially created show ~ and some very special jazz. The evening featured Chet Baker's most famous standards, his own compositions, and works inspired by his life. All played in a highly 'accessible jazz' fashion, and supported by a delightful account of this outstanding musicia's bumpy ride through life.

In association with Arts Alive .... If it's Arts Alive, it's bound to be good

2015 - April
Dave Sheriff

Not at all our usual kind of show, but a much enjoyed performance from someone who's been at the forefront of English Country music for a long time now. Line dancing and country music fans had their needs well met this evening.

Dave's a talented multi-instrumentalist : he treated us to guitar, piano, saxaphone, violin, harmonica & tin whistle, with a repertoire ranging from old favourites to many of his own compositions. Good fun, enjoyed by all, especially the sprinkling of cowboy hats.
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2015 - April
Kip Winter and Dave Wilson

Kip & Dave provided us with so much more than a thoroughly enjoyable evening of music. As other reviewers tell us, their enormous bouyancy and cheeky humour are almost worthy of being an act in their own right - stand up comedians without the sarcastic barb, but with just the right amount of bite.

Their repertoire is made up mainly of songs that have been superbly crafted by Dave, ranging around the wide world of life experience, and including bits & bobs of their personal life scene (as are one or two or their amusing tales). If you can catch their show - don't miss it.

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2015 - March
O'Hooley & Tidow ..... Belinda & Heidi

This was their third visit to Broseley's Birchmeadow, and it was our third evening of superb harmonising, delightful songs, and thoroughly good humour. Oh, and it was Broseley's exposure to a third totally new look - new hairstyles, new garb - but the old top quality was there again in every aspect.

A delightful pair - an act that's worth every penny of any ticket price.

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2015 - January
Claude Bourbon

What a pleasure it was to welcome Claude back to Broseley. The unadulterated proficiency and 'feel' with which he handles a guitar beggars belief - he is but good, GOOD. He has a spellbinding effect on his audiences, and many comment afterwards at their disbelief that a single pair of hands on a single guitar can come to sound like Claude's do.

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2014 - November
While & Matthews  -  Chris & Julie

What a marvellous evening - amusing, versatile, and immensely musical. With a vast range of styles and an impressive battery of instruments in their highly skilled hands, we were treated indeed. Lovely, powerful voices from lovely, powerful people.

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2014 - October

Red Shoes

October brought the Birmingham based folk rock band Red Shoes to the Birch.The husband and wife core, Carolyn and Mark Evans, pen their own material. From rousing songs about the cruelty of Fox hunting, Red Coat Ride, to the poignant Sunday Afternoon. A song about the fragility of life. They are not above throwing in the odd cover version or two as shown by the marvelous reworking of the Moves Blackberry Way and Dave Swarbricks White Dress. A great evenings entertainment.

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2014 - September
Brooks Williams

Well that was just brilliant!

The fabulous Brooks treated us to an excellent show - some great original songs and some old classics and such wonderful stories. And we were introduced to his cigar box guitar - how he managed to get such an amazing sound from those three strings is a mystery to me but it was an absolute joy to listen to.

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2014 - May

Fairport Convention

What a scoop! Hailed as the originators of British folk-rock music, Fairport Convention remain one of the most entertaining bands on today’s concert circuit and they certainly didn't disappoint the packed house. The concert featured an intimate mix of material from their recent albums as well as classics from the band’s earlier repertoire. The band recently won a coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and Radio 2 listeners voted Fairport’s ground breaking album Liege & Lief  'The Most Influential Folk Album of All Time'. The crowd at the Birchmeadow could certainly see why! 

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2013 - June
Matt Andersen

Without wishing to sound like someone from Private Eye's 'Pseud's Corner', watching Matt Andersen play feels like a real honour.

The Canadian bluesman has more than stage presence, more than talent, more than well-written songs - he's the real deal; he's a musician who already feels like a legend.

What makes seeing him play such a breathtaking experience? He fills the stage and the air with something extraordinary - he seems to be the music, to live the stories told by his songs. His self-effacing personality belies the depth of emotion he transmits with the words he sings - they have a passion that seems real - moreso than many of his contemporaries.

It's not hard to see why he's won so many awards - what is hard to believe is that he's visited Broseley and that we've had the pleasure of seeing him live. If he comes again (we hope he will), don't miss the chance of seeing him. Because it's like missing Elvis, Hank Williams and BB King all rolled into one.

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2013 - May

Kieran Goss

Long hailed as one of Ireland’s leading songwriters and performers, Kieran Goss’s heartfelt music has won him fans across the globe and he certainly gained a few more here in Broseley with his Irish charm and wonderful singing.


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2012 - April
Bill Caddick

Delightful evening of music, spanning blues, ballad, and folk.

What's on the internet comes nowhere near to conveying what a thoroughly good teller of tales Bill is, and how continuously, warmly, and amusingly he interacts with his audience! There's no way of knowing what a mine of intriguing information he is about the social and industrial history of Buildwas, Wenlock, Shropshire and West Midlands, nor about the delicate and sensitive way that he's moulded much of it into ballad-like, often poetic songs.

His musical poetry betrays his long association with the theatre, too.
He's a man of many talents.

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2011 - May
Peter Case

What Power

Peter Case has been to the Birchmeadow again since 2011 - once with Michael Weston King (of whom, sadly, we have no home grown video). He's a real powerhouse of a performer, and his guitar sounds are resoundingly impressive. His songs are strong and meaningful - and sometimes 'mean'.

2017 - 06 -13 .... 2901

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