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prices marked * are to increase by 50 pence per hour from October 1st 2018.
This applies to bookings made from now onwards.

Main Hall

An excellent space for live music (the acoustics are much liked by performers), dances, theatre, fund-raising nights -  exhibitions, square dancing, or even such things as carpet sales.

Much used for private parties and activity groups, of course.

Main hall showing stage and wood floor area
  • At the Westerly end is a stage linking to a dressing room. The stage is about 13 feet deep and 20 feet wide between the front pillars, with limited space in the wings. Height's about 13 feet.
  • The stage is available. Stage lighting and a ceiling mounted projector and a large pull-down screen also are available by agreement with their owners (local Drama and Cinema Groups). Mention these in your booking request if you need them.
    If you're unsure, contact our Bookings Secretary.
  • The Hall can take about 120 seated (100 more comfortable) - 150 absolute maximum.
  • We recommend maximum 120  if the stage or the cinema screen are part of the plan, as people cannot be too close, especially if a stage-apron is being used .... try a "test layout" perhaps.
  • Overall sizes approximately 37.5 feet by 28.5 - maximum height of about 12 feet.
  • Double doors link to Pritchard Room.

Local groups, private parties, and 'community' - £8 per hour.*
Government, Council, and similar Service users - £10 per hour.*
Commercial & business users - £15 per hour.*

Attached staffed bar - £7 per hour.

Kitchen (see below) - single charge of £10

Bookings Secretary

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The Pritchard Room

  • A bright and airy room that fits the bill for all kinds of activity and event. For many years it was the Birchmeadow's bar, but it was totally refurbished in 2015.
  • Takes up to about 50 people in comfort, and is an excellent space for meetings, small gatherings, presentations and training.
  • Doors can be opened to give direct access into the Main Hall.
  • Width 15 feet (4.6m) length 35 feet (10.4m).
  • There is a ceiling mounted projector, with a 10 watt speaker built in. Make sure that you tell us if you want to use it.

Local groups & private parties and 'community' users - £6 per hour.*
Government, Council, and similar Service users - £8 per hour.*

Commercial & business users - £10 per hour.*

The staffed bar can be hired, at £7 per hour.

Kitchen (see below) - single charge of £10.


'Green' and energy issues


The Pritchard Room was completely refurbished in 2014 thanks to generous financial aid from Awards for All and a DECC Green Deal Pioneer Grant for Energy Efficiency from Shropshire County Council.


As a result of the energy-efficiency works included in its refurbishment, the room is an example of the measures that are available to other community buildings, local businesses and individuals for improving energy efficiency in their own buildings and homes.  Local schools may also be interested in using the Pritchard Room as an educational resource for the same reasons.

If you would like to know more and to make arrangements to visit The Pritchard Room, please contact our 'buildings-bod' via this link - click

Bar/cafe area

It's brimming on events evenings !
  • This area can be used for small meetings and gatherings.
  • For use just of the room it's £5 an hour.*
  • If the bar is serving, the charge is additional
    £7 an hour.
  • The cafe area and kitchen combined also can be hired to provide a cafe service that makes sales to the public. This is a different arrangement to an ordinary hire, and is dealt with separately. Contact our Bookings Secretary if you're interested in a short or longer term hire. The conditions can be seen via the button.

Cafe Terms & Conditions

studio room - Upstairs

  • well suited to meetings of up to about 15 people
  • good for music practice or drama rehearsals and for art groups and small workshop activities
  • it's been set up to be 'functional'
  • it costs just £6 an hour.*


The cooking area.
  • The kitchen is available for a single charge of £10 to those who are hiring another room, like the Hall or Pritchard Room.
  • To use it for demonstrations or training or the like,
    it's £7 per hour.*
  • There's a good sized cooker with two ovens, two fridges, a microwave, slow cookers, and various other bits & bobs.
  • Crockery is there: in the cupboards.
  • To get more low-down, contact our Bookings Secretary.

 Bookings Secretary.

Well done !

Wash up and put away the things that you use - please

Event holders notes

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'Home grown' videos of  visiting musical performers along with some local support acts.

Red Dirt Skinners:The Jar Family: Hickman Cassidy:Whalebone


Winter Wilson

Fairport Convention: Matt Andersen : Brooks Williams: O'Hooley & Tidow
Niall Teague & the Fast Company
Bill Caddick : While & Matthews
Peter Case : Claude Bourbon: Annabelle Chvostek
Red Shoes : Flaxenby : Coal
Rhianna Moore : Rebecca Nash
Dan Sutton : Jack Tench

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