Best live music venue South Shropshire
Best live music venue South Shropshire
Broseley's Birchmeadow
Broseley's Birchmeadow 

We are returning with an amazing line up of top notch performers, original music & songs ... excellent bar with Real Ale ! Watch these pages!!

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24th July -Saturday 

Motown and Soul night

Not live music but a chance to chase those Covid blues away with 5 hours of Northern Soul, Disco and classic Motown sounds . Other dates- September 17th November 19th   and December 17th  


Another great Birchmeadow music event


Tickets - £5 on the door 

Contact - Caroline ... 07890 057 832 .... or send us a message here

Times - Doors open 7:00 - midnight



Postponed new date soon!

John Otway and

Wild Willy Barrett!!

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It is impossible to pigeonhole John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett. Indeed, many have tried and failed. Now's your chance to try! They are back on the road. Over Forty years have passed since their "Hit" Really free and they are still going strong. The contrast between the dead pan humour of Barrett and mad onstage antics of Otway are still hilarious to watch. If you've not seen them before be prepared for anything from bare-chested theremin playing to wah wah wheelie bin as the duo jump from one hit and forty near misses to another. Don't miss this  amazing and irreverent performance by two master entertainers.

Another great Birchmeadow live music event


Tickets - £15 in advance   or £18 on the door 

Contact - Caroline ... 07890 057 832 .... or send us a message here

Times - Doors open 7:30



POSTPONED till 2022

Otis Gibbs

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He will be back!


Otis Gibbs is a Songwriter, storyteller, painter, photographer and planter of 7,176 trees! He once wrestled a bear, and lost. He has been described as “The best unknown songwriter in music today.” If you ask him, he’ll simply say he’s a Folk Singer. A modern day Woody Guthrie, his songs based in people experience and their struggles,put Gibbs in the company of Bob Dylan, The Clash, and Chuck Berry.

"Gibbs is a natural born storyteller with a wealth of words at his command and the precision knowledge on how to use them. His music is soft and gentle, washing over you like a fine rain. It leaves a personal and deep connection that Gibbs forges with each and every listener. His thoughts, his feelings; his hopes and fears – they are all yours to share and revel in. This is the mark of a truly great storyteller." artree folk and roots mag.


Miss him at your peril!


Another great Birchmeadow live music event


Tickets - £10 in advance from or £12 on the door 

Contact - Caroline ... 07890 057 832 .... or send us a message here

Times - Doors open 7:30

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***** Tickets NOT sent to you but held at door - PAYPAL will confirm your order's been received

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Birchmeadow Centre

Birch Meadow Road

Broseley   TF12 5LP


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